Democracy and despair

There has been a lot of criticism today of the anger of the remain camp, the despair and derision we’ve shown towards a group of people demonstrating their democratic right to express a different opinion.

I’d like to say that it’s ok to disagree. I know democracy means sometimes accepting a decision that you think is appalling; that democracy only works if people feel safe to make these decisions.

The leave campaign said the short term economic shock would damage us for years. All the world leaders that we could possibly respect pleaded with us not to go. The young people in this country, who will be affected by it the most, told us not to do this.

Every single expert said that Brexit was a bad idea, and now we all have to sit around patiently, really hoping they’re all wrong for an unknown period of time.

Going against all of this experience and expertise to follow people who do not, and will not ever, have the best interests of the majority of this country at heart, simply feels like lunacy. And pretending that the decision to leave has been driven by anything other than anger and fear with a small side of racism is yet another lie from the leavers.

Consolidation and unity? What the fuck is the point?

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